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5 Steps to Thicker Hair With confiDense Hair Fibres

You've got yourself a bottle of these confiDense hair fibres and are wondering how to get the best look possible. Well wonder no more my friend I'm going to show you my 5 step formula to thicker hair with confiDense hair fibres in just seconds, so your hair can go from looking like this to this!

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Hi My name is Amrish from confiDense, let's get started right away with Step number 1:

Step 1 - Wash, condition and Dry Hair

Ok, So this is really 3 steps in one. You've got to make sure that the hair is clean and dry so that the hair fibres can bind with the hair. Your scalp naturally releases oils to support your hair health, but that makes it greasy and more difficult to apply hair fibres and it's the main reason we wash our hair anyway. You'll need to make sure that your hair is clean and dry, if you don't want to use conditioner, that's fine, it's not essential to achieving a great result.

Step 2 - Set Hair Roughly to how you want it

Once your hair is fully dry you'll want to set it roughly how you'd like it to be. Use a comb, brush, your fingers - whatever you'd set your hair with, but don't use products such as gels or waxes to hold the hair. This will interfere with you hair's natural static electricity and the fibres won't disperse as well. Once you start putting the fibres in touching your hair can cause the fibres to move around and because they attach to your hair with static electricity they will attached to combs and brushes.

Step 3 - Apply Hair Fibres

Next you can start applying hair fibres to the area that you'd like to thicken up. You may have come across videos of people shaking the bottle furiously above their heads trying to get the fibres out and into their hair. Lower quality brands require shaking the bottle as the fibres stick to themselves, confiDense hair fibres are highly charged with static electricity so all you need to do is turn the bottle over above the area that need the fibres and tap the bottom of the bottle so that the fibres come out.

Step 4 - Pat Your Hair

As the fibres come out of the bottle they may have a tendency to sit at the top if your hair. Patting your hair will allow those fibres to move further down each hair strand to even up the appearance and make each strand look thicker and give you the natural look you're after. If after patting your hair down you're not happy with the coverage add some more hair fibres and pat it down again until you're happy with it. Sometimes it can take a few goes to get it how you like, but have patience you will get it right. The trick here is to use as little as possible to get the desired look.

Step 5 - Apply Some Hair Spray

Now that your hair is looking great you'll want to keep it that way for the rest of the day! The fibres will hold onto your hair and stay in place, however if you're going out and it's particularly windy or it's raining at all - in fact if it's raining at all try and minimise your hair getting wet, however if you can't help it, applying hair spray will help it stay in your hair and give it a stronger hold.


There you have it 5 steps to thicker hair with confDense hair fibres. If you haven't bought your hair fibres yet, head over to confiDenseHair.com and place your order, the link is below in the description.

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